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Mobile App An Employee Mobile App Experience


as both mobile and web app


Generate Payroll in following steps

  • 01. Easily Integrate with any biometric device
  • 02. Sync the data in device with pro-people
  • 03. Real-Time Attendance Capturing
  • 04.Payroll Generation

Pro-People will support all devices that use biometrics including fingerprint, face, IP, and RFID


Access the biometric data and sync with our system

employee management

Once data synchronization is complete, the software will be able to record real-time data, such as multiple punches and shift handles

employee management

Payroll can be generated automatically with a single click based on attendance

best it company

What does



Mobile App

  • Both Online and Offline Attendance Check in/out

  • Mobile Attendance tracking powered by Location, Fingerprint and Photo

  • Distance tracking

  • Apply leave and check leave balances

  • View & Download Payslips

Attendance Management

  • Get attendance data on a daily basis, as well as weekly and monthly reports

  • Employee check-in through Biometric, IP based and Manual Attendance

  • Know when your employees entered, left, or failed to mark their attendance in real time

Leave Management

  • Completely customizable leave regulations

  • Manage Variety of leaves – Holiday List

  • Leave Approval Request

  • Access Leave Report

Shift Management

  • Shift and Overtime data in a single interface

  • Add Shit plans

  • Add Shift allowance and manage multiple shifts

Payroll Management

  • Any Payroll Changes such as new hires or salary modification in single system

  • Payroll Summary

  • Easy Payslips download

  • Compliance simplified

Even more reasons to appreciate

Employee Management
  • Centralized Employee Management with all employees related information
Notice Board
  • Using a noticeboard, you can reach out to every employee.
  • Whether it’s an announcement, a notification, or a celebration, broadcast information to everyone in your organization
  • Created to enable you swiftly convey significant news with the entire company
  • Custom Reports in Single Dashboard
  • Leave, Attendance and payroll reports
  • Plan for the training that your team will require
  • Track goals and determine who in your firm is prospering and who needs assistance
Other Features
  • Allowance, Deductions, Rotational shifts, Advance salary, and Probation period can be managed in single platform


Keep up with Pro-People and get instant update once in a while. We promise, no spam and similar emails, just pure goodliness.

Other Addon Advantages

Ease to access and manage
Simple to use, even for CRM Beginners. Register and get started
Better Authentication of customer data
Built on a solid software platform, so you can rest assured that your data is safe and accessible at all times
Better Customer Retention
Concentrate on your existing customers while you set goals in Pro-Sales
Understanding Customer Knowledge
Apply Intelligent Customer Engagement by tracking and follow-ups with customer to increase their satisfaction

Pricing Packages &Offers

Codiqa Advanced
Taking seamless key performance indicators to maximise the long tail.
  • Advanced Analytics
  • Export & Share Reports
  • Up to 50 Users available
Codiqa Advanced
Taking seamless key performance indicators to maximise the long tail.
  • Advanced Analytics
  • Export & Share Reports
  • Up to 50 Users available
Codiqa Advanced
Taking seamless key performance indicators to maximise the long tail.
  • Advanced Analytics
  • Export & Share Reports
  • Up to 50 Users available


Student Attendance Management System

  • Real Time Absent Notification via SMS to parents

  • Student Management

  • Report on Daily Punch in/out, Class- wise Attendance

  • Face and RFID Integration with Software

Gps For School Student Bus

  • Monitor the location of school buses at any time and from any location.

  • SMS notifications for student entry/exit

  • Face and RFID integration to track the entry & exit of students

  • Better response during bus breakdowns

Hostel Management System

  • Tracking of Hostel Student Attendance

  • Student In/Out time

  • Manage Hostel Students Data

Canteen Management System

  • Face and RFID Integration for User identification and validation

  • Integration with Thermal printers

  • Report on Daily, Weekly and Monthly Food Consumption count

  • Daily Food Configuration

Stay on Top
Of HR Workflows

Features Pro-People
User Defined access
Training and Development
Continuous reviews and Performance appraisals
Track day offs of employee
Schedule shifts
Track attendance with ease
Employee Database that scales
Upload Employee Documents
Expense Management
Insightful analytics
Generating payslip automatically
PF Amount Management In Progress
Allowances & Deductions setup
Promotion & incentives
Warning & Termination
E-signatures In Progress
Notice Board
Leave Management
Face Recognition Attendance
Data Security
Fingerprint Attendance
IP Based Attendance
Customized Dashboard
Employee Vacancy Notifications In Progress
ATS Tracking In Progress
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